Personal Training Memberships


Train together with a friend, partner or colleague. Enjoy the same premium services as offered in the regular memberships, but at almost half the fee per person.

Buddy memberships are offered both for PT+ and VIP.

Success stories

A stellar experience… a must try in Abu Dhabi for anyone looking to make a dramatic change in their lives and overall get the energy you have been craving. The owner has a great attitude and the staff always makes sure you are on the right track to your goals. Whether it’s Erin or Pauric, you are without a doubt in good hands!


Invest in your body!

Improved health

Our programmes lead to lifestyle changes that improve your general health

Weight loss

We have strong expertise in weight loss training and we can help you even if you have never trained before.

Proven methods

We use the latest science-backed methods to help our clients achieve the results they want. Our programmes use resistance training as a foundation. 

Body transformation expertise

Our trainers have extensive experience from helping individuals and teams improve their physique and muscle mass. 

Get Started Today!

We are confident in our ability to deliver results within weeks. The first step is to sit down with one of our trainers for a private consultation.

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